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Master Jamal MOHADA

The notary is an expert in business law (trade and companies), real estate law, tax law, private international law, family law and others. He offers particular security in transactions and contracts by intervening at all stages of the process. surgery. While providing valuable legal advice to carry out operations and projects as he acts as an expert in wealth management and advisor in family law and private international law.

the notary in Morocco is governed by the provisions of law 32-09 of November 22, 2011 published in the official bulletin on November 24, 2011. This law which defines in its first article, the notariat as a liberal profession which has the role and attributions of receive the documents which the law imposes the character of authenticity attached to the acts of public authority or to which the parties wish to give this character. He notes the date of the acts and ensures the conservation of the minutes, and delivers copies and copies thereof.

The notary: a public officer

The notary is a public officer, appointed by the Minister of Justice, entrusted by the State with a public service mission. For the execution of its mission, the State delegates to it a part of the public authority: it ensures the public service of authenticity. This means that it has real prerogatives of public power, which it receives from the state.

The notary: a liberal professional

Although invested with public authority, the notary exercises his functions within a liberal framework, thus ensuring a modern form of public service at no cost to the State, since he assumes the economic responsibility for its study.

He is a liberal professional, paid by his clients (and not by taxpayers) according to a rate set by the state for the services he provides.

The notary: a professional present throughout the territory

Their location is subject to permanent adaptation under the control of the Chancellery, in order to ensure good coverage of the territory. Access the press release on the map of the facilities of future notaries

It obeys three principles:

  • Maintain a local legal public service.
  • Take into account geographic and demographic changes.
  • Ensure the economic conditions for the exercise of the profession in order to ensure a quality service

The notary has a role of conservation of deeds

The notariat must ensure consultation and conservation for 75 years (100 years for acts concerning a minor), after which the documents will be placed in the archives.

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